Advanced data insights with the XT-Analytics Platform™.

Our advanced data analytics platform enables users to capture, monitor, and compare customer interactions with lift and learn products on a local and global scale, which helps to make informed data-driven merchandising decisions.


Monitor customer interactions.

Product interactions.

Monitor the frequency and duration of product interactions to better understand customer behaviour.

Scalable management.

Manage and monitor analytical data from 1-10,000 stores on a single account dashboard.

Data comparison.

Compare locations and products to gain valuable customer insights and make data-driven decisions.


Make data-driven decisions with A/B testing.

With the XT-Analytics Platform™ you can monitor customer interactions with lift and learn products from the comfort of your desk. The data collected by lift and learn stands enables users to monitor customer interactions with products to distinguish their favourite product types, which can help to better understand customer tastes and preferences.

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As manufacturers of affordable, scalable and powerful lift and learn technology we are always on the lookout for integration partners. Request an introduction and receive unbeatable integrator pricing.

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Compare 1-10,000 stores with scalable management.

With our scalable analytics platform you can monitor and compare customer interactions in multiple locations and assign different admin roles to view the data that has been collected by your lift and learn stands.

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Weather you're looking to integrate our Lift and Learn kit with your existing hardware, or a full-service lift and learn package for your store, Xtag Retail are the L&L specialists.

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