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Xtag Retail specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying Lift and Learn technology for brands and retailers.

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200% increase in sales revenue generated in-store.

Lift and learn is the perfect in-store marketing solution for retailers and brands.

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Plug and Play Lift and Learn Technology.

Affordable, scalable and easy to install lift and learn technology, ready to promote your brand and products with an engaging in-store shopping experience.

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The ultimate lift and learn solution at an unbeatable price.

Transform your digital signage.

Simply attach wireless product tags and connect the XT-Controller to a screen to instantly transform your digital signage to a lift and learn display.

Plug and Play
Fully scalable
No coding
Wireless Tags

No requirement to install specialist shelving structures.

Our plug and play hardware takes minutes to install and has no requirement to install specialist shelving structures. This makes our lift and learn solution completely flexible and available at a fraction of the cost of some of our competitors.

Wireless Tags

Attach a wireless Product Tag to your product(s).


Connect the XT-Controller to your screen or digital signage.

Display Screen

Present product media with the Lift and Learn App.

Create omni-channel shopping experiences.


Boost Engagement.

Lift and learn is a captivating shopping experience that encourages customers to interact with featured display products.

Inspire purchases.

Explain the features, specifications and benefits of a product through digital media and influence customer purchasing decisions.

Customer Satisfaction.

An excellent sales tool that improves brand loyalty and leaves customers feeling satisfied with their shopping experience.


Monitor interactions with the XT-Analytics Platform™.

The powerful XT-Analytics Platform™ enables retailers and brands to capture, monitor and compare customer interactions with lift and learn displays. Compare data from 1-10,000 stores and make data-driven decisions based on shopper engagements and product tastes.

the technology

A game-changer in visual merchandising.

With our lift and learn technology product displays come to life like never before. Shoppers can now interact with products in a whole new way, providing instant access to product information, videos, and more right at their fingertips. With lift and learn, shoppers are immediately provided with all the information they need to know about a product to make an informed purchase decision.

in-store results

5X increase in engagement and a 200% sales uplift.

Our lift and learn technology has proven abilities to increase product engagement by up to 5x and drive an average sales lift of 200%. Read our case studies to learn more about the impact L&L has on sales volume and customer satisfaction.


What our customers say about the system.

We work with a range of retailers, brands and integration partners to supply a bespoke lift and learn system that drives sales growth.

Sanjai Bhatia
Director, Chevin Cycles

"Xtag Retail's Lift and Learn platform has enabled us to present the features and specifications of our products through digital media. The system has helped boost product engagement and has led to a healthy upscale in sales volume."

Joe Makepeace
AV Specialist, nybble.co.uk

"One of our most popular AV products throughout Q1 in 2023 was lift and learn supplied by Xtag Retail. Lift and learn enables brands to make a real 'connection' with the customer and can be very effective in the retail, hospitality and motor vehicle sector."


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