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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lift & Learn?

Lift & learn is a shopping experience that encourages customers to interact with feature products. When a customer makes contact with a product on the shelf, the assigned digital signage screen will instantly display digital media related to that product.

This enables retailers to educate customers on the features and benefits of products in an engaging and exciting way.


What are the benefits of Lift & Learn?

The technology enables shoppers to enjoy the physical presence of a product in-store while engaging with informative product marketing media.

Customers benefit from learning about the products they are interested in, while retailers can increase product engagement and put less stress on sales staff having to remember the details of their feature products.


What is Product Analytics used for?

Product Analytics enable store managers to monitor and analyse useful data collected from a Lift & Learn stand in real time.

This means that stores can assess which products have the highest levels of engagement, make decisions based on the activity of shoppers and evaluate the performance of certain products in the store.


Do I need to alter shelving structures to use Lift & learn?

No, our unique tagging technology means that products can be placed anywhere in-store and on any shelving structure without the need to alter or install specialist shelving structures. This enables retailers to promote their feature products with Lift & learn at an affordable price.

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