April 29, 2023

XT610™ Lift & Learn - In-store product marketing solution

Discover what's inside our best-selling lift and learn kit and how our unique active RFID tagging technology transforms digital signage.

What is XT610™ Lift & Learn?

Xtag Retail are pleased to announce the launch of our innovative XT610™Lift & Learn solution. Developed using established active RFID technology, XT610™ Lift & Learn promises to be a game changer in the delivery of interactive digital signage.

Product Contents

1 XT-Controller Module and USB-A-USB-B lead - 80mm x 30mm x 8mm (L X W X D)

5 Wireless Product Tags and Activator Key- 26mm x 24mm x 9mm (L x W x D)

10 Self-Adhesive Product Tags and 10 Tie-Wraps.

1-year free software license.

XT610™ Lift & Learn Starter Pack

How it Works

The XT-Controller module connects to a screen via a USB-A to USB-B connection and acts as the reader (transceiver) for the wireless product tags (transmitters). When motion is detected, i.e. when a customer interacts with a product, the wireless product tags send a message to the XT-controller which instantly presents assigned digital media on-screen.

The Lift & Learn App is a content management system that enables users to assign media files, including URL's or videos to tag ID's. The app is built for Android (7+) and Windows (10+) devices and can be used with media players and digital signage with a built-in android or Windows OS.

Structureless Design

Our unique tagging technology means there is no requirement to install specialist shelving structures unlike other lift and learn solutions on the market. With XT610™ Lift & Learn there are no creative limitations to where and how you can build your lift and learn stand. This also mean our technology is available at a fraction of the cost of some of our competitors.

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