Case Study: Chevin Cycles

We’re excited to announce the introduction of XT610™ Lift & Learn at Chevin Cycles, Otley, West Yorkshire! With the objective of increasing product engagement and promoting products with informative product marketing media, Chevin Cycles use an entire Lift & Learn wall to promote their collection of premium cycling helmets.

When a customer interacts with a helmet from the wall, a product specific video shows the customer further information about the product, including important specification details and informative promotional videos from the manufacturers themselves.

With the objective of increasing product engagement and improving the customer experience, Chevin Cycles have received some excellent feedback from their customers, helping hundreds of customers make an informed purchasing decision when selecting their new cycle helmet.

With Product Analytics, in-store managers monitor the day-to-day interactions of customers with the collection. Combining data generated from sales with Lift & Learn interactions, management are able to make data-driven decisions about product displays based on the products that generate the highest levels of customer engagements.

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