Case Study: Vertu Motors

Vertu Motors use XT610™ Lift & Learn in the prestigious Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. Designed to enhance the shopping experience, customers can visualise their favourite colours on their new vehicle using interactive colour palettes powered by Lift & Learn.

What is XT610™Lift & Learn?

XT610™ Lift & Learn is a low-cost, versatile and responsive experience that is used in retail stores, showrooms, hospitality and education settings to showcase video or interactive media through a digital display. Lift & Learn can be integrated into existing stores, during refurbishment projects or with store launches without the need to install new or alter existing shelving structures.

How to install Lift & Learn:

1) Simply plug in the XT610™ Controller to a media player or smart digital signage display.

2) Place XT610™ Tag(s) on your chosen product(s) or equipment.

3) Use the Xtag Retail App to associate media files with tags and manage content.

Crafted to meet the demands of virtually any retail environment and budget, our Lift & Learn technology is easy to use, affordable and flexible.

Jaguar I-Pace in Eiger Grey

What are the benefits of Lift & Learn?

Lift & Learn is a visual merchandising tool that creates a captivating in-store experience that has proven abilities to increase engagement and drive purchasing decisions. Lift & Learn is compatible with video and interactive media files, so you can showcase informative product videos or even integrate a touchscreen display that responds to particular product on "Lift".

Can you monitor analytics with Lift & Learn?

The optional "Analytics" feature enables management to monitor customer interactions with products in real time, helping make data-driven decisions based on the insights generated by Lift & Learn.

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