Transforming Digital Signage with XT610™ Lift & Learn

Xtag Retail are pleased to announce the launch of our innovative XT610™Lift & Learn solution. Developed using established active low power radio frequency technology used in our medical brand, XT610™ Lift & Learn promises to be a game changer in the delivery of interactive digital signage.

Chris Bullock, Managing Director of Xtag Retail:

“For over 20 years our technology has been used by healthcare facilities across the globe to protect vulnerable people and secure valuable medical assets. Our retail  product adopts a similar manufacturing process, enabling an assigned digital screen to instantly display product media when a customer interacts with a product.
Our software application enables users to manage product videos and tags on a single, easy to use dashboard. And the App can be used to integrate a 3rdparty Content Management System (CMS).”

Previously, installing and maintaining lift and learn retail solutions was cost prohibitive. Now, XT610™ Lift & Learn provides a cost-efficient and easy to maintain solution that delivers unrivalled reliability, practicality and performance in fast-paced retail environments.

Available and in-stock now.

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